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 Welcome to the NoHype Audio eBay store. You will find our usual products at our regular prices as well as used and ex-demo units for auction. Please get in touch if you have any questions, thank you!
NoHype Audio, fine pro-audio products

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We accept and prefer bank transfers but will also accept Paypal payments. Please note: Paypal payments fees are ALWAYS included in the auction price. We can ship via UPS or Taxipost. Please make sure you provide a PHONE NUMBER when ordering as required by delivery companies.
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Line Audio CM3 Condenser Electret Microphone, Made in Sweden
Achat immédiat152,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :14h 26m
Line Audio 8MP Class A + AB microphone preamp mic pre 8 channels
Achat immédiat740,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :19h 44m
Placid Audio Copperphone Mini dynamic cardioid studio and Live microphone - USA
Achat immédiat360,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :2j 16h 44m
TK Audio BC2 ME stereo SSL style mix / bus VCA compressor Mastering version
Achat immédiat2 104,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :7j 15h 58m
MTR DI-2 2 channels active Direct DI Box / Splitter, UK
Achat immédiat121,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :7j 17h 48m
TK Audio BC1-S stereo upgraded SSL style mix / bus VCA compressor
Achat immédiat1 220,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :11j 16h 11m
XQP Audio 531 Optical De-esser , for VPR 500 API Rack , made in USA
Achat immédiat454,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :12j 17h 33m
XQP Audio 535 Program Equalizer , for VPR 500 API Rack , made in USA
Achat immédiat393,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :12j 17h 39m
XQP Audio 541 Optical Compressor, for VPR 500 API Rack , made in USA
Achat immédiat490,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :12j 17h 43m
XQP Audio 545 Optical Disrupter / distortion , for VPR 500 API Rack , USA made
Achat immédiat393,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :12j 17h 45m
MTR DI-3 1 channel active Direct DI Box / Splitter, UK
Achat immédiat99,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :13j 20h 12m
TK Audio DP1 III dual microphone Germanium preamp mic pre 2 channels Neve / ISA
Achat immédiat1 450,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :14j 12h 47m
XQP Audio 570 Microphone Preamplifier Mic Pre,   VPR 500 API Rack , made in USA
Achat immédiat611,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :19j 15h 23m
Line Audio CM3 Condenser Electret Microphone, Made in Sweden, for USA/CA/CH only
Achat immédiat125,00 EUR+100,00 EURTemps restant :21j 13h 33m
TK Audio S Blender, stereo mastering mixing console for parallel insert control
Achat immédiat1 240,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :22j 16h 47m
TK Audio MB1 Mini Blender, parallel insert for VPR 500 API Rack, made in Sweden
Achat immédiat480,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :25j 10h 49m
TK Audio TC1, signal interface, DI, reamp, for VPR 500 API Rack, made in Sweden
Achat immédiat375,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :25j 17h 23m
NoHype Audio stereo kit for Blumlein and other coincident recording (for LRM-2)
Achat immédiat110,00 EUR+6,00 EURTemps restant :26j 11h 56m
TK Audio BC501 stereo VCA compressor for VPR 500 API Rack, made in Sweden
Achat immédiat1 100,00 EURGratuitTemps restant :28j 11h 9m
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